3D Slot machines

  • 3d slot machine alpha

    A strange artifact has been located. It's origin unknown. Simple, fast, fun eye candy.

  • 3d slot machine alpha

    A polar vortex has created a fruit storm and things quickly get out of hand. Crazy cascades and multipliers make this fruitastic!

  • 3d slot machine alpha

    Inside an old school mechanical slot

  • 3d slot machine coming soon

    A constellation of gem stones is located in space. Mine the wealth and discover the Giant Gems

Our next generation 3D slots games have the extra dimension to help you stand out in a crowded market. With true 3D using Web GL they run in the browser on desktop and mobile. Bonuses features, collapsing reels, multipliers and many more features.
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HTML5 Slots development framework

Our HTML5 slots engine is the fastest most flexible tool on the market for building HTML5 Slots. Rapidly port Flash to HTML5 Slots. With a clean separation between the display element, networking, execution engine, and with automatic paytable generation tools, it fits into any work flow. MORE INFO ➡
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Mobile Poker / HTML5 Poker / Bitcoin Poker

Our HTML5 poker works on any device including iPad, iPhone & Android. It's been built from scratch on a next generation platform and is the most sophisticated poker backend on the market.

HTML5 Skill games

Match 3 skill games are really popular. They don't require much concentration making them a perfect way to relax for 10 minutes with your mobile/tablet. Skill and luck is blurred in a compelling blend that keeps people coming back. Please contact us for details.

HTML5 Scratchcard games and spinner games

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Bitcoin games

Bitcoin is great for gaming, our games support bitcoin. Our Bitcoin slots are used by some of the biggest Bitcoin casinos online.

Bitcoin Gaming Software

Our gaming platform is awesome. Developed using bleeding edge tools by a small highly experienced team with over 30 years experience in gaming and finance, it's more stable, more flexible and scalable than anything else. It supports single and multiplayer games on any device using HTML5 and hybrid apps with in depth Facebook & Twitter integration out the box.


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About us

We've based in London and we make awesome games.


Our gaming software is used by US state lotteries, BitCoin casinos, internet service providers in the middle east and gaming providers in Asia, Europe and North America.